Soap For the Entire Family


Let me tell you a little about our GOAT Soap story and how this crazy soap business started. We're a family from Roanoke, Virginia. We love spending time together and exploring new places. We also have always been conscious about the chemicals in the foods we eat and feed our family with, so you can imagine how appalled we were when we realized the soaps we were bathing our children in had harmful chemicals in their ingredients!

The idea of bringing GOAT Soap to you was born on a trip to Brooklyn, New York, but our formulation has been evolving over ten years of careful craftsmanship and chemistry. No crazy ingredients or fragrances that hurt your skin and health. We never thought we'd be here, but five years later we are changing people's skin and lives.

Here's a quick video about us and why we are glad you are here! This is the soap our family uses every day. We hope your family will too!