Sharing Your Snacks: Can Goats Eat Grapes?

Grapes are a delicious snack that we all enjoy from time to time. They are easy to eat, sweet, and juicy, but what if you want to share your yummy snack? Can goats eat grapes?

Goats are notorious for eating anything that gets put in front of them, though that doesn’t mean they don’t eat things they aren’t supposed to from time to time.

Let’s discuss whether goats can eat grapes and a few things to consider for safety.

Can Goats Eat Grapes?

Can Goats Eat Grapes?

Good news! Goats can eat grapes. They are non-toxic and can be a nice snack for them. Like all sugary offerings, moderation is key. When left to their own devices, goats can demolish rows of grapes and their vines very quickly. Unfortunately, it is a lot of sugar for them.

Goats should only eat grapes about once a week, unlike apples which have a bit less sugar and can be fed once a day. Keep your vineyard out of reach for your herd.

Prevent Digestive Issues

Because grapes are high in sugar, it is important to regulate how many grapes your goat eats and how often. If your goat eats too many grapes, it can cause digestive issues where carbohydrates like sugar are quickly fermented. This leads to excess gas and acid production which bloats their rumen, or first stomach. It throws off their entire metabolic system.

Look out for bloating on the upper left side of the abdomen, and signs of distress such as urgent bleating, an unsteady gait, frequent urination, and grinding teeth.

Grapes should be free of pesticides and chemicals prior to feeding them to goats as well as not only can it upset their stomach, but many of them are poisonous as well.

Benefits of Feeding Goats Grapes

Benefits of Feeding Goats Grapes

So why would you want to feed your goats grapes? Well, there are a few benefits actually.

A Treat

Grapes are a sweet treat to your goats, just as if someone were to give you your favorite candy. So, it is nice to be able to treat them. Feeding your goats treats like grapes by hand strengthens your bond with them as well.

Vitamins, Minerals, & Antioxidants

Grapes aren’t all sugar. They have many important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which can supplement a goat’s regular diet. Grapes can prevent vitamin and mineral deficiencies and the antioxidants help cells repair damage which may prevent some chronic health conditions.

Fun To Try Different Varieties

It can be fun for you and your goats to try different varieties of grapes. There are many out there and you can see which ones your goats like best while finding your own favorite, too.


Can Goats Eat Grapes with Seeds?

Below are the answers to a few frequently asked questions about feeding goats grapes.

Can Goats Eat Grape Leaves?

Yes, goats can eat grape leaves and they enjoy them a lot!

Can Goats Eat Grapes with Seeds?

Goats can eat any variety of grapes including seeded and unseeded as long as it is in moderation.

Can Goats Eat Green Grapes?

Goats may not like green grapes as much as sweeter varieties, but they can eat them.

Should I Cut Grapes Before Feeding Them To My Goats?

Adult goats shouldn’t have any problem snacking on whole grapes; however, young goats can occasionally have difficulty with them. For the kids, cut them in half as you would for a toddler.

Goats Love Grapes

Like any of us humans, goats love a sweet treat. However, moderation is always key even for goats. Feel free to share your snack with your goats because goats love grapes, but keep it to just once a week.