What are the Benefits of Goat Milk Baths? No Goats Required!

Bubble baths aren’t just for kids! Have you ever heard of a goat milk bath? Don’t worry, it doesn’t require swimming with goats (though that would be a sight to see!).

Today let’s talk about goat milk bath benefits and how to take a restorative goat milk bath at home.

What are the Benefits of Goat Milk Baths? No Goats Required

Goat Milk Bath Benefits

Soaking in a goat milk bath offers a whole host of benefits for your skin.


Goat milk contains lactic acid and fatty acids that help hydrate and moisturize the skin. Rather than sitting on top of the skin, goat milk can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin due to its components.


Speaking of lactic acid, it is just one of the alpha-hydroxy acids present in goat milk which are natural exfoliators. Exfoliation helps remove dead skin cells leaving behind healthy skin cells so your skin is smoother, brighter, and refreshed. You’ll be glowing after a goat milk bath.


Have trouble with irritated skin? Where there is irritation, there is inflammation. A goat milk bath can soothe irritated and inflamed skin since goat milk boasts anti-inflammatory properties.


Goat milk is rich in vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and Calcium all of which the skin needs for nourishment. Without these key vitamins and minerals, skin cells have a hard time undergoing their natural damage repair processes. Goat milk can help revitalize the skin.


Antioxidants are present in goat milk as well. Antioxidants can help protect the skin from environmental damage caused by free radicals. This damage often appears as fine lines and wrinkles, so goat milk may help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles with its antioxidant properties.

How To Take a Goat Milk Bath

How To Take a Goat Milk Bath

So, now that you know the benefits of a goat milk bath, you may be wondering– how do I even take a goat milk bath?

Source Your Goat Milk Powder or Soap

Well, if you don’t happen to raise your own dairy goats, the first thing you’ll have to do before taking a goat milk bath is to source some goat milk. Goat milk comes in a shelf-stable powder form, in liquid form fresh from a local farm near you, or made into goat milk soap. All of these options will work well for a goat milk bath.

Include Any Other Bath Additives

Next, you’ll need to decide if you would like any other additions to your bath. Lavender or any essential oils are an excellent addition providing a soothing aroma while Epsom salts can help relieve sore muscles. Adding other things to your goat milk bath is optional. Everyone has their own preference.

Fill With Hot Water, Add, & Mix

When you are ready to soak, fill your bath with water first to the temperature you like. Warmer temperatures are better for opening up the pores of the skin to allow the goat milk to work its magic, though. Then, add your goat milk whether it be fresh, powdered, or in soap form, as well as any additions you have chosen. Mix up the bath water once everything has been added so that everything is evenly distributed.

Set The Mood

One of the best parts of taking a goat milk bath besides the benefits it provides is setting up a relaxing environment. So, we highly recommend turning down the lights, lighting some candles, and turning on some music to set the mood and enjoy it to the fullest.


Finally, all that’s left is to hop in and soak. There’s no specific time minimum or limit. Just relax until you are ready to get out. Don’t forget to rinse off after!

Will You Take Advantage of Goat Milk Bath Benefits?

Will You Take Advantage of Goat Milk Bath Benefits?

Goat milk baths can be excellent for your skin and are rather affordable. You don’t need a 5-star spa to revitalize your skin. Instead take advantage of the benefits of a goat milk bath.