GOAT Milk Soap For Psoriasis

GOAT Soap For Psoriasis 

Psoriasis is one of the most challenging and misunderstood skin conditions there is today. Linked to a compromised immune system, psoriasis is characterized by painful scaly and itchy red patches on the skin. These patches can be prolific on the body, showing up on the elbows, knees, torso and scalp. They can also spread to legs, arms, hands and feet. The path to choosing appropriate skin care for those with this complex condition is often expensive and fruitless. Many products simply exacerbate symptoms and lead to more issues. Organic, cruelty free and all natural, GOAT Soap for psoriasis is the inexpensive and smart alternative.

What Causes Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is caused by a fault in the immune system whereby healthy cells are mistakenly attacked. This cell damage leads to fragile and itchy skin. Sadly it is considered to be a long-term, chronic illness with no known cure. Sufferers of psoriasis may get the painful lesions under control during different periods, but a simple cold can cause a flare-up. Psoriasis can make a painful comeback anytime the immune system is compromised. 

There are many contributing factors that can lead to someone developing psoriasis during their lifetime. Some of these include:

  • Obesity
  • Viral and bacterial infections
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Medications
  • Skin injury
  • Stress
  • Family history

What Separates Psoriasis From Other Skin Issues?

Aside from the obvious skin lesions which are painful and inclined to crack, bleed and flake, other symptoms can occur. These less visible complications can include swollen and stiff joints as well as thickened, ridged nails. These can be visible on both the hands and feet. While the skin flaking on the scalp and neck can be reminiscent of dandruff, it is usually accompanied by sores and weeping skin. 

The major difference between psoriasis and other skin conditions, is that it is a life-long condition. While many other skin conditions may have treatment plans that see them managed and potentially disappear altogether over time, psoriasis is incurable. In managing psoriasis, individuals need to make careful choices about what they ingest and use on their skin. This can help minimize flare ups or reduce the symptoms and longevity of a flare up. 

Steroid based medications are often used to treat psoriasis. Steroids can further thin the skin and leave it even more sensitive. Keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized is a key element in supplementing skin health. 

Why Choose GOAT Soap For Psoriasis?

Regular soaps are full of harsh detergents known as surfactants. These detergents are chemically derived and strip the skin of its natural oils and moisture. In addition, most soaps contain any number of additives, synthetic fragrances and colors. All of these can cause significant irritation to the skin, especially for someone with an underlying condition such as psoriasis. In the past, those with psoriasis were discouraged from using soaps due to these side effects. GOAT Soap however, is different.

Goat milk is naturally hypoallergenic, rich in fatty acids such as omega-3 and vitamins A,B,C and D. Combined, these characteristics create the perfect soap base that is creamy and soothing on sore skin. It will not contribute to further flare ups or irritation - instead acting to nourish and heal the dry, sore patches. 

Being high in B vitamins, GOAT Soap supports the overall skin health as this group holds the building blocks to good health. Vitamin A helps boost skin cell turnover, meaning healing and repair take less time. Vitamins C and D brighten and refresh skin, making it look plumper and healthier. Vitamin D is also a known immune booster so it is ideal for those with psoriasis. 

As an added extra, GOAT Soap is naturally antibacterial, when combined with Tea Tree essential oil, it is a force against fungal skin issues. For those with psoriasis, fungal infections are easier to catch and harder to eradicate. This is due to the vulnerable cracks and breaks in the skin as well as the existing immune system challenges. GOAT Soap supports the health of the skin from the outside in. GOAT Soap with Tea Tree and Peppermint is the perfect combination, with the peppermint also cooling inflamed skin. 

If you are a psoriasis sufferer and looking for the best skin cleansing, low irritant solution to your shower routine, GOAT Soap is the ideal candidate. Not only will you feel clean and fresh, you’ll be supporting your skin to heal and look its nourished best.