Is Goat Milk Soap Good for Dogs? Give Your Furry Friend A Spa Day

Dogs need a proper bath every once in a while, if not more often. Traditionally, there are several dog shampoos that are marketed specifically for our pet canines.

However, pet parents who have made the switch to goat milk soap often wonder– Is goat milk soap good for dogs, too? The short answer is that it can be!

Here’s a deeper look into using goat milk soap for dogs.

Benefits of Using Goat Milk Soap For Dogs

Benefits of Using Goat Milk Soap For Dogs

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend, so why not share the products we love with them? Goat milk soap offers several great benefits for dogs.


Goat milk soap is non-irritating for dogs with sensitive skin or skin allergies as it is often made with all-natural ingredients. If you have a dog with sensitive skin, you know how hard it can be to find a dog shampoo that doesn’t create a flare-up, so goat milk soap is a great option to try.

pH Balanced

Goat milk soap is also pH balanced, so it is not as alkaline as many other soaps. A balanced pH can prevent a dog’s coat and skin from being stripped of its natural oils. When natural oils are stripped from a dog’s coat, it can lead to breakage, a dull appearance, the overproduction of oil, and more. When natural oils are stripped from the skin, it can cause dryness and itching that is uncomfortable for your furry friend.

Great Fatty Acids & Vitamins

Fatty acids and vitamins help moisturize and nourish the skin both in humans and canines. Cells need fatty acids and vitamins to absorb moisture, retain moisture, and carry out repair processes. You guessed it, goat milk soap is packed full of fatty acids and vitamins that will keep your pup’s skin in tip-top shape.


Goat milk soap is able to be made with safe, non-toxic ingredients for dogs. Not only can you ensure that your dog isn’t absorbing anything through the skin that would cause harm. Additionally, if they lick the soap accidentally, there’s not as much worry. Of course, it is still soap even if it is natural, so ingestion should be avoided.


Specialty dog shampoos seem to be marked up even higher than human shampoos as some of the large pet brands take advantage of how much we love our animals. Goat milk soap is versatile and affordable. Though it provides many of the same benefits as those specialty shampoos, it is not marketed for that and isn’t hiked up in price.

How To Use A Goat Milk Soap Recipe For Dogs

If you would like to make your own goat milk soap recipe for dogs, there are plenty of free resources online. To use a goat milk soap recipe for dogs, you’ll want to ensure you opt for the highest quality of natural ingredients you can.

Additionally, goat milk soap is often in bar form, so it can be helpful to suds up your hands or a sponge really well to apply it, though you can scrub them down with the bar itself, too.

Always focus on getting the skin clean, not the fur as the fur will be washed when you rinse the soap. Since goat milk soap has an oil base, we always recommend rinsing twice thoroughly just to prevent build-up from soap left behind.

Goat Milk Soap For Dogs Considerations

Goat Milk Soap For Dogs Considerations

Goat milk soap isn’t specifically designed for dogs, though many dog owners and even veterinarians swear by it. If you are going to give it a shot, there are a few things to consider so you can keep your fur baby safe.
Fragrances & Essential Oils

Artificial fragrances can be highly irritating to a dog’s skin, so they should be avoided.

Additionally, goat soap milk formulas often have essential oils which while they can provide excellent benefits for humans, can be toxic to dogs. Some essential oils are safe for dogs, though going the unscented route is always safer. If you are going to use goat soap milk with an essential oil, check with your veterinarian beforehand.

Double Check Ingredient List

Speaking of toxic or irritating ingredients for dogs, always double-check the ingredient list of your selected goat milk soap. Though many brands opt for all-natural, safe ingredients, not all soaps are created equal, so it's best practice to scrutinize the ingredient list. If there are any ingredients that are unsafe for your canine, you should refrain from using that product.

Test a Small Spot First

Any time that you switch topical products for your dog, you should test a small spot first to see if there is any reaction. Some dogs can have severe allergies just like humans, so a test spot minimizes the risk of a severe reaction if there were to be one.

Your Fur Children Will Love Goat Milk Soap

Your Fur Children Will Love Goat Milk Soap

Goat milk soap can offer a lot of benefits for your dog when used as a shampoo alternative. However, you should always choose a reputable brand with safe ingredients, such as GOAT Soap, and run the change by your veterinarian to prevent accidental harm.