Goat Milk Soap For Eczema

It is estimated that around 35 million Americans are affected by eczema. Worldwide 1-2% of adults and 15-20% of children suffer from this common inflammatory skin condition. If you have experienced it or suffer from eczema as an ongoing issue, you’ll know how uncomfortable it can be. Choosing the right products to use on your skin can be a frustrating and expensive exercise. Often even medically prescribed lotions and medications provide minimal relief.

Bathing is a normal part of the day, yet for someone with eczema, it can be a painful chore that leaves their skin sore and irritated. In part this is due to drying soaps that are created with a vast number of ingredients and names that are often unfamiliar. Most of these ingredients are chemically created, even the fragrances and colors are synthetic. While this may be fine for some, it can create or exacerbate skin problems in those with more sensitive skin.

GOAT Soap is the ideal, naturally derived cleanser for eczema sufferers. You may be surprised at just how drastically your skin health can improve by a simple switch in your soap.

Why Choose Goat Milk Soap For Eczema?

Commercial soap relies on harsh detergents, or surfactants, to cleanse the skin and can be high in sodium. These surfactants combined with the sodium strip the skin of its natural moisture leaving feeling tight, itchy, and dehydrated. GOAT Soap makes use of the naturally moisturizing and cleansing properties found in goat milk.
Rather than strip the oils and fats naturally found in and on our skin, GOAT Soap adds essential fatty acids back into our skin. It moisturizes as it cleanses. By maintaining the skin's natural barrier defense, you are minimizing the risk of inflammation and irritation. For an eczema sufferer, these are key parts of soothing painful flare ups and preventing new ones. Making goat soap for eczema sufferers an ideal choice.

Can Goats Milk Soap Reduce Eczema Symptoms?

There is no one size fits all solution for eczema. However using natural, hypoallergenic products, such as GOAT Soap, can support better skin health. Goat milk is high in the mineral selenium, which has been shown to support and maintain healthy skin.

Studies have shown that people who suffer from eczema usually have lower lipid levels. Lipids are fats such as cholesterol, ceramides, and fatty acids like omega-6 and omega-3. GOAT Soap provides all of these nourishing fats, to smooth and plump the skin. By putting these back into your skin, you enable moisture to be retained and reduce the risks of cracking and splitting. Say goodbye to sore, dry, and inflamed skin with GOAT Soap.

Supporting The Surface

Recent studies have indicated that the most common form of eczema, atopic dermatitis, may be linked to the health of our skin’s microbiome. The microbiome is the collection of microorganisms and essential bacteria living on our skin. Changes in the microbiome can alter our bodies immune response and lead to the development of inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema. 

Because GOAT Soap doesn’t strip the skin with harsh cleansers, the microbiome is less likely to be interrupted thus maintaining a healthy balance. In fact, goat milk has a PH similar to that of skin so using GOAT Soap supports your skin with every wash.

The presence of naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids also encourages skin cell turn-over. So that the uncomfortable eczema patches are encouraged to heal revealing healthier, younger skin. Repairing relief is just a shower away.

Naturally Low-Irritant And Hypoallergenic

At GOAT we take full advantage of the benefits of goat milk in all our soaps. Our naturally sourced goat milk is combined with carefully selected ingredients to ensure that the end products remain as gentle and nourishing as possible. GOAT Soap is a naturally low-irritant and hypoallergenic, meaning it can be used on babies and those with very sensitive skin. Its soothing, creamy lather is perfect for everyone.

We do not use any synthetic colors or fragrances in our products which are known irritants, particularly for those with eczema. So if you’ve dreamed of soft, gently cleansed skin with a delicate scent, then GOAT Soap may be perfect for you. If you prefer unscented, then we have an option for that too.

If you want to support better skin health and potentially reduce your eczema symptoms and flare ups, then add GOAT Soap to your routine. We are committed to being as natural as possible and always list all of our ingredients to give you peace of mind, and the greatest soap possible.