Proper Storage Matters: How Long Will Goat Milk Soap Last?

Whether you like to stock up on your favorite products or you want to know how much it costs you each use, knowing how long something will last is important information.

When it comes to goat milk soap, the general rule is that if it is stored properly, untouched bars last about one year. However, there are a lot of factors at play for how long it will last when you use it and how long it will last on the shelf.

Let’s discuss how long goat milk soap lasts, including why proper storage matters, the other factors that make an impact, and more.

How Long Will Goat Milk Soap Last?

What Determines The Shelf Life of Goat Milk Soap

How long your goat milk soap will last both on the shelf or in the shower depends on three main factors– the formulation, the processing, and the storage conditions.


The formulation or recipe of the goat milk soap you have chosen affects how long a bar will last when being used and while being stored. At its core, goat milk soap is a blend of lye, oils and fats, and goat milk.

However, the specific oils and fats and the ratios of every ingredient impact the shelf-life and use time. For instance, recipes that prioritize “hard” oils or fats which are those that are solid at room temperature like coconut oil will last much longer than liquid oils like olive oil whether you are using it or storing it.

Many formulations contain both “hard” and liquid oils which are where ratios become important. If more liquid is used than solid oils, the lifespan will be much shorter than one with an even blend or a higher ratio of solid oils.


In the goat milk soap-making process, temperature control and curing are vital to the final lifespan of the soap.

If temperatures are too hot or too cold at any stage, the goat milk soap won’t dry out and cure correctly leading to spoilage and quick use when introduced to water in the shower. Additionally, even if the temperatures are perfect in the processing, if the soap isn’t left to cure long enough, there will still be excess moisture leading to the same outcome.

However, if goat milk soap is left to cure for too long, the scent will dissipate. One of the keys to long-lasting goat milk soap is optimal processing.

Storage Conditions

How you store away extra goat milk soap and how you store the bar you are currently using is the final factor that affects lifespan.

Storing your in-use goat milk soap bar on the edge of your bathtub or shower will prevent the soap from drying out in between uses leading to a lot of wasted product.

Storing extra goat milk soap in a warm or sunny environment will make it melt and storing extra bars in a moist place will soften the bar so more of it will be washed away each time it is used. Excess moisture also puts it at risk of developing mold.

As you can see, proper storage matters a lot!

What Is The Best Way To Store Your Goat Milk Soap

What Is The Best Way To Store Your Goat Milk Soap

So if proper storage is vital to long-lasting goat milk soap, what is the best way to store your goat milk soap? There are two things to keep in mind for storing your current bar and those that you stockpile.

Moisture Is The Enemy

First, as you might have already guessed, moisture is the enemy of goat milk soap. You want goat soap bars to be as dry as possible when you are not actively using them for washing.

So, for your in-use bar, consider getting a soap bar tray that has an elevated grate to get airflow on all sides of the bar. You could also hang it by drilling a hole to thread a loop of small rope, ribbon, or string.

For those extra goat soap bars, consider wrapping them in a moisture barrier like plastic and storing them in an area that doesn’t receive much moisture like a hall closet. You likely want to store it in your bathroom, but the bathroom and the kitchen are exposed to the most moisture in a home.

Refrain From Heat or Sunlight Exposure

Goat milk soap is made from a base of oils and fats which can melt! Keep extra bars of goat soap away from sunlight and excess heat. They must stay at room temperature otherwise you risk them melting.

How To Figure Out Goat Milk Soap Shelf Life

Though you can follow the general rule of one year, to find out how long a specific brand or version of goat soap milk will last, you should look for a printed expiration date or reach out to the soap maker.

A goat soap bar you are using can last anywhere from a few weeks to 3 months depending on how often you use it and the type of use. Here at GOAT Soap, our customers find their bar lasts on average one month with daily use in the shower.