Is Goat Milk Soap Antibacterial? Bye Bye Germs!

When purchasing any soap, you’ll often see two major options– antibacterial or not. Then, of course, there are infinite options of formulas, scents, colors, and more in each category. Goat milk soap is highly sought after by those with sensitive skin for its gentle moisturizing and protective properties, but is goat milk soap antibacterial?

Let’s take a look at antibacterial soap versus standard soap, how goat milk soap could be antibacterial, and everything you need to know to make the right choice!

What Is Antibacterial Soap?

What Is Antibacterial Soap?

Antibacterial soap is a cleansing soap that has chemical additives, like triclosan, or natural additives with antibacterial properties to aid in killing bacteria. The added ingredients are not included in a standard soap recipe and are specifically designed for reducing the risk of bacterial infections.

Therefore, not all soaps are antibacterial soaps, so ensure you look carefully at labels and ingredient lists if you are looking for a true antibacterial soap.

Is Goat Milk Soap Antibacterial?

Is Goat Milk Soap Antibacterial?

So if not every soap is antibacterial, is goat milk soap antibacterial? The short answer is: not necessarily. Goat milk soap made with a basic, standard recipe is not inherently antibacterial. However, it is common to find goat milk soap brands that add natural ingredients with antibacterial properties to their goat milk soap.

What Ingredients Are Antibacterial

Besides chemical-based additives like the popular triclosan that make a soap antibacterial, there are several oils, extracts, and ingredients that have naturally occurring antibacterial properties.

Tea tree oil is a commonly used ingredient for making goat milk soap antibacterial as it shows great antibacterial properties and doubles as a nice fragrance as well. Lemongrass, peppermint, orange, and eucalyptus oils are others that are effective against multiple strains of bacteria and have a nice scent. Lavender leaves have antibacterial properties as well as provide a decorative look and smell nice, too.

There are many more options, but each of these ingredients can be added to your goat milk soap to make it an antibacterial soap.

Do You Need Antibacterial Soap To Get Rid of Bacteria and Germs?

Do You Need Antibacterial Soap To Get Rid of Bacteria and Germs?

If not all soaps are antibacterial, it makes you wonder if your hands or skin in general is actually clean without an antibacterial soap. Don’t worry, you don’t need any soap to be antibacterial to get rid of bacteria and germs.

Several health organizations have made the conclusion that there isn’t enough scientific data to say that antibacterial soap is more effective at killing bacteria and germs than a standard soap in a residential or public setting. Washing your hands with plain soap and water for the recommended amount of time is just as effective for preventing the spread of illnesses as using antibacterial soap. This is because any soap lifts the germs from the surface of the skin so they can be rinsed away by the water.

However, keep in mind that washing with just water will not get rid of bacteria and germs because water has surface tension that enables it to run over a bacteria-laded surface without washing it away. Soap also breaks the surface tension of the water so that the loose bacteria, viruses, and germs can effectively be rinsed away.

Medical settings and situations are where the importance of antibacterial soap is emphasized, not in day-to-day life. Unless your healthcare provider instructs you to use antibacterial soap specifically, rest assured, your favorite goat milk soap will get rid of bacteria and germs even if it doesn’t have any antibacterial ingredients.

Key Takeaways

Though goat milk soap on its own is not antibacterial, there are natural additives that can give it antibacterial properties. Antibacterial soap is not necessary to kill bacteria and other germs, though choosing a goat milk soap with antibacterial properties can sometimes help manage infections and health conditions in a more natural way. If you are looking for an antibacterial goat milk soap, always check the ingredients before purchasing.

Here at GOAT Soap, we offer goat soap bar recipes with lemongrass, lavender, and peppermint tea tree for those wanting antibacterial properties.