Choosing A Roommate: What Animals Can Live With Goats?

If you're a goat owner, you may be wondering what other animals can live with goats. Goats are social creatures and can benefit from having other animals around, but it's essential to choose the right companions to ensure everyone lives in harmony. Some animals can help keep the goats healthy and provide companionship, while others may pose a risk to their health and safety. 

Let’s explore the different animals that can live with goats and discuss some of the pros and cons of each. From chickens to horses, we will cover everything you need to know to create a happy and healthy environment for your goats and their animal companions.

4 Animals That Can Live With Goats


Goats and sheep are both ruminants and can share some similarities in terms of their dietary needs and social behavior. Sheep can benefit from having goats around for companionship, and both species can graze together and help maintain pastures and fields. 

Keep in mind that goats are known for being more adventurous and mischievous than sheep, which can lead to potential hazards if they escape from their enclosure or ingest toxic plants. Furthermore, goats have different dietary needs than sheep and may require different supplements or minerals. So while they can live together, you’ll need to ensure the enclosure and available vegetation meets the needs of both animals.

What Animals Can Live With Goats 2


Goats and chickens can make good companions as long as certain precautions are taken. Goats can help control insects and pests, which can benefit both the goats and the chickens. Chickens can also provide a source of food for the goats, as they will eagerly consume any leftover feed or insects. 

However, goats can accidentally harm or even kill chickens, especially if they are young or small. Chickens may also be at risk of contracting diseases from the goats, so it's crucial to monitor their health and hygiene closely.

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Goats and ducks can make interesting companions, but there are pros and cons to having them live together. Ducks can provide a source of entertainment for goats, as they enjoy watching them swim and play in the water. Ducks and goats can also both help control insects and pests which is mutually beneficial. 

Though goat owners should know that goats may accidentally harm ducks, especially if they are young or small, as they are curious and may try to play with them. Additionally, ducks can incidentally create a mess around the water source or make the pasture wet and muddy, which can be problematic for the goats.


Goats and horses can make compatible pasture mates, but like with any other roommate, there are considerations. Goats can help keep the grass short and prevent overgrazing, which can benefit both the horses and the surrounding environment. Additionally, goats can help control weeds and brush, which can reduce the workload for the horses. 

However, due to their size horses may accidentally harm goats, especially if they are young or small, as they can be boisterous and unpredictable at times. There is also the factor of competition since horses require more food and water than goats, so always ensure that there is enough pasture to accommodate both animals’ grazing needs and supplement with additional food that is provided in separate, protected areas.


Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions for your quick reference.

Can Chickens Live With Goats?

Yes, goats and chickens can live together, but it requires careful management. Chickens are much smaller than goats which can increase the risk for accidental injury, though they do provide each other companionship.

Can Goats and Cows Live Together?

Yes, goats and cows can live together as cows and goats are both herbivores and can graze together, which can help maintain pastures and fields. However, cows are much larger and more powerful than goats, and may accidentally harm them, especially if the goats are young or small. Additionally, their should always be plenty of pasture to go around so there is no competition over resources.

Can Goats and Horses Live Together? 

Yes, goats and horses can live together. Goats can help control the vegetation and weeds in pastures, and can also provide companionship for horses. Though keep in mind that like cows, horses are much larger and more powerful than goats so they can accidentally harm them, especially if the goats are young or small and the same principle for competition of resources applies.

What Animals Can Live With Goats? Key Takeaways

In conclusion, there are several animals that can live with goats, but it's important to choose carefully and take necessary precautions. Understanding the pros and cons of each species can help you create a happy and healthy environment for all your animals. Monitoring their behavior and health closely can help ensure their safety and wellbeing. By doing so, you can create a harmonious and rewarding living situation for all your animal companions.