How Unscented Goat Soap Cleared Peyton’s Skin

Meet Peyton.

She is a precious 8-month-old infant who, until recently, was not able to flash her vibrant smile as often as she should because she suffered from eczema--a painful, inflammatory skin condition recognizable by its expansive rashes.

Unfortunately, like the millions of other parents whose children suffer from this condition, Peyton’s parents kept bathing her with all of the name-brand shampoos and soaps--all of which claimed to be gentle on the skin and formulated specifically for babies--in the hopes of giving Peyton some relief.

However, when a savvy friend heard about Peyton’s condition and gifted her parents some unscented goat milk soap for babies from, it became clear that, despite their claims, the artificial dyes and fragrances used in these name-brand products were only making Peyton’s condition worse. 

After using the all-natural goat milk soap just a few times, Peyton’s eczema became noticeably less pronounced. Its moisturizing properties were making her skin full and healthy again. Two weeks of steady use, and the eczema was all but gone. Today, Peyton is healthy, happy, and eczema-free, all thanks to the simple switch to unscented goat milk soap at bath time.

Keep reading the following breakdown on the forces that trigger eczema and how goat milk soap can be an all-natural remedy for your child’s eczema!

The Science Behind Eczema

Although roughly 35 million Americans suffer from eczema, many choose to live with the condition and do nothing about it. Those that do get proactive in treating their eczema often spend thousands of dollars in medical consultations and prescription drugs to get some temporary relief.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Recent studies show that atopic dermatitis--the most common form of eczema--is related to the health of a vast collection of bacteria and microorganisms living on our skin, known as the microbiome. Unfortunately, many of the surfactants used in commercially produced soaps upset this microbiome, leading to an immune reaction from our skin that leads to eczema.

Because it doesn’t use these harsh surfactants to strip the skin when cleansing, goat soap for eczema is the best choice to prevent flare-ups, as it leaves the microbiome largely intact. In addition, goat milk soap for baby eczema also contains naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids that encourage cell turnover, helping sufferers to shed unsightly eczema patches to reveal healthy skin.

The Science Behind Commercial Soaps

Surfactants--the harsh detergents which give commercial soaps their cleaning prowess and scent--are typically chemically created. Even the colors are obtained by synthetic dyes. Not to mention that basically all of these products are manufactured in enormous batches that are at elevated risk of becoming cross-contaminated.

For many young children with sensitive skin, contact with these chemical agents can cause irritation and/or allergic reactions that lead to eczema flare-ups. Up to 20% of all children suffer from this painful skin condition--roughly 10X more than the incidence of adults, whose more mature skin is better able to resist the damaging chemicals found in commercial soaps.

Even for those whom commercial soap does not cause a full-scale outbreak, it is still likely to result in at least minor irritation and redness. This is because most commercial soaps are extremely high in sodium, which pulls water and oils from the skin and leaves people with a dry, itchy feeling. This can be hard for children to leave alone, and incessant scratching will cause symptoms to worsen.

So when the damage to the microbiome, possible allergic reactions to synthetic compounds, and the overall dehydrating effect of commercial soap are taken into account, it can be easy to see why it can be a nightmare for children prone to eczema breakouts.

The Science (Or Lack Thereof) Behind Goat Soap

On the opposite end of the spectrum from commercial soaps is unscented goat milk soap. Hand crafted and produced only in small batches, goat milk soap is the epitome of a care product that cares. Unlike the harsh surfactants, goat soap uses only those naturally moisturizing and cleansing elements found in goat milk. While the high sodium content of commercial soap dehydrates the skin, goat milk soap for babies actually adds essential oils and fatty acids to the skin with each application, making the skin feel fresh and moisturized. By leaving the skin’s microbiome intact and promoting the natural life cycle of skin cells, goat milk soap is a natural means of cleansing without damaging, making it the ideal bathing product for delicate children.

Give Your Baby the Gift of Clear Skin With Unscented Goat Soap

By promoting the natural function of the skin’s microbiome and regenerative processes, unscented goat soap cleans without damaging skin. If your child is one of the millions of sufferers from this unsightly and painful skin condition, use the story of 8-month-old Peyton as inspiration and try the all-natural products at today to give them the gift of clear skin!